Earnings Disclaimer

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Earnings Disclaimer

All of the income claims made by InvestorComps and it’s employees are true. Income claims made by our students have not be financially verified. These results are not typical and we cannot promise you that you’ll make any money with this program. We don’t know who you are, your habits, your circumstances and how you run your business. Therefore, do not invest in this training if you think it will automatically make you money just because you bought it. You have to work hard to succeed in anything, expeically being an entrepreneur in the real estate business. We are neither going to hide this fact nor apologize for that. The results we’ve shown in our marketing, training and in our related videos/materials aren’t typical and yours could and probably will vary. Those people invested in our programs, took massive action, and applied it until it worked, they did not give up because they didn’t see the results they wanted right away. We don’t guarantee that you’ll make money. In fact, you may lose money. Just like in any business there are risks and real estate is no different. 

Real estate investing is a highly networking sensitive business. That includes getting private money. If you don’t want to go out and actually talk to people, create relationships and network, the this program isn’t right for you and real estate might not be either. Basically, if you’re looking for a ‘magic bullet’ please do not invest in any program (including ours) that teaches a strategy. Go back to improving yourself and your mindset first. 

Thank you! 

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